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Takeaway foods are in trend these days. People are so busy with their daily schedule that they do not have time to sit and eat a proper meal. Takeaway food is often cheap and satisfying. But they do not fulfill your daily nutrient requirement. Sometimes they can exceed the amount of salt and fat required by the body. This can cause various health issues like heart disease, diabetes, Low Blood Pressure etc. Some take away restaurants give you the detail of the nutrient value about the food they offer, making it easier for you to select the food with fewer calories.

Given below are some important tips for ordering healthy takeaway food:
1.Selecting Australian Takeaway:
Generally, Australian cuisines are a good choice as they are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Avoid crumbed and fried dishes to avoid calories. Choose grilled lean meats. If you want to eat chicken, skinless chicken is best for you. One good option is grilled fish with salad. Fish and chips are the most popular takeaways but somewhere you can also find salads in take away foods in Melbourne.

2.    Chinese takeaway:
Chinese cuisines are very tasty and are generally fried. If not fried, the dishes require a large amount of oil for preparation. When you are choosing a Chinese cuisine as your takeaway food then opt for Stir-fries with lots of colorful vegetables. Anything steamed would be the best choice like steamed dumplings, steamed vegetables and buns. Avoid fried food like spring rolls, sweet or sour pork.

3.    Thai Takeaway food:
Thai cuisines are rich in nutrients because they contain fresh vegetables and are a high source of proteins because they serve seafood and chicken.
Whenever making a takeaway choice always take grilled or steamed meats. Try to take the dishes made from lime, chilies and seafood. Do not forget to take the salad as this will add nutrients to your diet and to your body as well. Prawn soup and Thai beef are counted amongst some healthier options.

4.    Italian Takeaway:
Do not order thick pizza base. Avoid pizza toppings that are fatty like salami, bacon and cheese or any creamy based pasta sauce. Include instead a thin base with lots of vegetable toppings and pasta sauce made with tomatoes like napolitana and marinara. If possible go for the whole wheat pizza. It would be the best option.

You can make your takeaway a healthy one by:
•    Adding vegetables to your pizza stir-fries etc.
•    Select whole grain like brown bread, brown rice – they are comparatively more healthy
•    Always add a side salad with your meal.
•    Always opt for low fat variety for dairy products.
•    Choose oil with low Trans fat and saturated fat.

Healthy food is a way to healthy life. It is important to eat a healthy diet instead of eating junk and unhealthy food. 

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Middle eastern cuisine - Zurouna

The Middle East offers you some of the world’s best snacks and tempting dishes. Popular amongst them is Baba Ghanoush. It is mashed eggplant and minced lamb with spices and mint. Israeli lovers take chicken kebabs, falafels with hummus and bagels in warm pita breads. This is just a start. Let us have a look at the different popular cuisines from the Middle East that will relish your stomach.

1.Baba Ghanoush:
This is known as one of the favorite dishes of the people from the Middle East. The main ingredients of this dish are eggplant and tahini. When you taste the dish you will get a smoky flavor with smooth and creamy texture. It is generally served with pita bread. It is completely your choice if you want the fresh bread or the roasted bread. The total time required for preparing this dish is forty-five minutes. Following the tradition you can garnish it with olive oil but it will go better with coriander, parsley and pepper.

2.Stuffed Grape leaves:
This is again one of the popular dishes from the Middle East. It requires a lot of time for the preparation as grape leaves need time to get properly cooked. This dish is full of herbs and is a complete package of a nutritious diet. After the grape leaves are ready, they are stuffed with some special herbs and filling and then wrapped. You will find different types of fillings when you move from the Middle East to the far Eastern side.

3.Hummus with Toasted Pita Wedges:

This is a tasty appetizer for filling your tummy. It consists of toasted pita wedges with hummus. The presentation of this dish makes it different from all other Middle Eastern food items. The best method of presenting this dish is by placing a small bowl of hummus in the center of the plate surrounded with pita wedges.

4.Zucchini Fritters:
Mucver - zucchini fritters look similar to vegetable pancakes. This is a favorite dish of the Turkish people and is served along with hot appetizers. You can also serve this dish with yogurt dip. People often eat it with yogurt garlic sauce. This dish is very easy to prepare and only takes fifteen minutes for preparation.

Satay is a traditional dish from Thailand and it is made from skewers of barbeque pork. Some people even marinade the pork in coconut milk and curry powder before grilling. Marinading makes the dish more crispy and delicious to taste. The pork is served with peanut sauce.

These dishes are just a few examples from the array of dishes prepared in the Middle East. For exploring the total range of Middle East you have to visit a reliable and reputed Middle-Eastern Restaurant to taste the huge number of Middle Eastern cuisines .

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