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Summers are always hotter and with the growing heat there increases dryness, humidity and conditions that are intolerable in summers. So are you ready to beat these summers?

Are you ready to get your Cool Room Repair Services done? If you already have air con devices with you in your homes and offices it is necessary to get them serviced before you start using them in the next season.

You can also count on some methods for reducing the total cost for cool room maintenance. Let’s see how we can do that:

1. Change your AC filters on monthly basis
It is your duty to replace your Air Conditioner filters on monthly basis while you are using the units. Dirty filters also block air flow and make these units draw more power and force them to work harder. Dirty filters will circulate only dirty air into your home and will cause problems in the AC unit itself.

2. Make use of programmable thermostat
Cheating in the temperature of your home will also cause your cool room device to run inefficiently. The best way to make your unit work efficiently is by using a programmed thermostat. By this you can save more by letting the inside temperature rise while you are at work. But do not increase it more than four degrees.

3. Seal Windows and Doors
Do not keep your room open when you are having your device on. By letting the doors and windows open it reduces the efficiency of your AC unit. This will also help you in reducing your cost for energy consumption.

4. Run appliances at night
When you are at home working all day, your dishwashers and clothes dryers release heat and this makes your AC unit runs faster and it has to work more than it can do. If things are not very important then you can use them after the day cools down. Always try to turn off your dishwasher before using the dry cycle, opening it and letting your utensils air dry.

5. Use your vent fans very carefully
When you run bathroom and kitchen fans in your house during the hot hours, it takes out all the cool air in the home. The clothing dryer vent also does the same thing. Use vented appliances either at night or during early morning.

6. Make wise use of ceiling fans
Switch the blades of your ceiling fans during summer to make them rotate clockwise in summer. These fans have a toggle switch on the body of the fan that helps in changing the rotation of the blades. Now when you stand just beneath the running fan you will feel a cooling effect downdraft.

But if all these ideas are not useful for you and you think that you won’t be able to follow all such points then Melbourne Cool Room Repairs Service providers will help you in managing all your commercial cool rooms and any other issues related to your cool rooms. Melbourne Cool Room Service at your door step.


I love cooking since I was 10 years old. I never knew anything but I used to help my mom in the kitchen and used to see her doing things with great fun and quick. I always wanted to be like her. She always used to prepare delicious food for the family and she never gets tired doing all such things. Moms are actually amazing. We are 4 brother sisters and everybody has their own unique demands for every meals and mom used to fulfill all the demands at the same time. I always wanted to know the magic that mom used to do for preparing our favorite dishes in such short time.

Now I am a Mom and I understand how a mother can do anything so quickly. The love for your children can help you do anything for them. I know this blog is not about being emotional but sometimes it is okay to be emotional. Well the actual thing why I am missing my mom is holidays are over and it’s working time again. For this I have to wake up early and have to prepare all the food and have to rush to get my children ready for their school. I miss it when she used to cook for us, used to pack our lunch boxes and that too with a smile on her face every time. Then comes the turn of my husband, again I have to prepare breakfast for him and have to give him his lunch for his office. Ahh!! A bit tiring sometimes but it is okay if I am doing it for my family.

One day when I was reading a post for easy and quick Middle Eastern recipes I founded Middle Eastern Nachos. They are healthy and delicious and take only 30 minutes for preparation. I always try to find out things that can be prepared easily and in less time so that I should serve healthy and tasty food in the morning to my kids and my husband. See how I prepared Nachos easily and quickly.

What all you need for preparing Nachos?
  • Ground lamb - 3/4 pounds
  • Freshly cracked black pepper
  • Kosher salt
  • 3-4 whole wheat pitas
  • Prepared spicy hummus - 1 cup
  • Crumbled feta Cheese - 1/2 cup
  • Fresh Flat leaves of parsley - 1/4 cup
Get ready to eat (Preparation)
  1. Take a small pan and keep it at moderate heating.
  2. Cook the lamb until it gets brown and cook for 7-8 minutes. Add salt and pepper to it.
  3. With the help of a slotted spoon, transfer the cooked lamb into a small bowl.
  4. With the help of fat, brush out the pita bread. Now cut this pita bread into 8 wedges and place on a sheet pan. Bake it until it gets golden.
  5. In a shallow baking dish, layer half of the pita wedges. Place half lamb, half hummus and half feta.
  6. Prepare one more layer in the similar order. Bake nachos in the oven until the cheese melts.
  7. Take it out from the oven and sprinkle with the parsley.
Serve and enjoy!
This is actually a mind blowing and healthy dish. You will definitely love it. Try it at your home. At once it might take a bit more time but when you get habitual you can prepare things easily in very short time.
Have a good day!


out door dining

I am a restaurant manager and I always wish to greet my visitors with inviting ambience, comfortable seats and most importantly delicious food. I can only retain my customers if I am providing them with what they are actually looking for. I always try to give something new to my guests. I do not keep my restaurant with the same arrangements for more than 2 months. I keep on changing the arrangements, the style and the interiors of my restaurant to make my visitors keep visiting the place. This generates the curiosity amongst them about what they are going to configure new every time they visit the place. 

In this blog I will tell you about what change did I introduced to my place and why. Also we will discuss how it benefitted me and my restaurant.

Introducing the concept of Outdoor Dining is one of the best ideas that have worked till date. Many ideas I tried, every idea worked equally but this outdoor dining gave an awesome impact. Earlier I used to make changes with the interiors in the restaurant just to introduce new looks to my place. One day a customer visited the place. She was from Australia only and she insisted me to serve the food outside the main hall. I said we do not serve our guests outside the main hall. You have to take your food inside only. But she insisted that the weather outside is very pleasant and I want to eat sitting and enjoying the amazing weather.

You won’t believe I served her the food in that lovely weather and she asked me to join her too. I thought why not to have some discussions on new ideas to be implemented for making my restaurant more unique and inviting. She suggested me that offer outdoor dining to your visitors. This will increase your total area, sitting area and also will allow your guests an opportunity to enjoy the food along with the weather. It clicked to me as a good idea and an innovative one. I did what she suggested and really it was an awesome idea and my visitors love to sit in the evening and enjoy their tea and snacks in the refreshing aroma of the fresh air.

That lady, her name is Sophie and she still visits my place very often. She was very happy to see the change when she visited the second time to my restaurant.