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Kid’s Party Food ideas

Hey beautiful moms and dads, I am here again with some more plans. As you all know New Year is on the way and every restaurant, every hotel, every hook and corner is busy preparing party items for their guests. I too love eating outside especially when the whole world is celebrating. But most of the time what happens is we forget our kids during the time of celebration. Kids love visiting parties and enjoy the games but sometimes the restaurants do not provide the type of food that kids would relish. So what I planned for my kids is we will celebrate the New Year with the world but in our own way.

I asked my children to invite their friends at home for a New Year party. We will organize a party in the backyard of my home especially for kids during the daytime so that the kids could go with their parents in the evening. I love kids and I always wish happiness for every child in the world. This is the main reason I always organize such kiddo parties at my home. Their innocent and sweet smiles make me smile.

All set for the New Year party. This time I am preparing Chicken and mushroom pie and Blueberry and orange trifle. These two amazing dishes are loved by children. Blueberry and orange trifle is a layer upon layer of fresh cream and vanilla custard with the heaps of orange and blueberries this trifle is really mouth watering.  The next is Chicken and Mushroom pie; this ultimate dish made from thyme and wine is really a favourite of families and kids.

I am preparing both but in this blog I will share only one recipe with you. I will teach you how to prepare Blueberry and orange trifle. I am telling you the recipe for a single trifle. Have a quick look at the ingredients.
• Blueberry muffins - 6
• Oranges - 2
• Fresh blueberries – 200 gms
• Fresh vanilla custard - 250-500 gms
• Grand Marnier or Cointreau - 3-4 tbsp
• Whipping cream - 300ml

How you can prepare it?
1. Slice out the muffins and place them evenly in the serving dish.
2. Grate the rind of one orange and put it into the rind of the other orange. Peel out and segment the oranges and then squeeze the membranes for extracting any other juices.
3. Now mix the orange juice with the Grand Marnier and spread the spoon full of this mixture over the muffins. Scatter this over most of the blueberries and the orange segments. Now mix the finely grated orange with the custard and pour it on the muffins.
4. Beat the cream with soft hands until soft peaks are formed and then pour it over the trifle. Spread it over the remaining blueberries and keep the trifle in the freezer. Serve chilled.

Try this and I am sure that kids are going to love it. Try it once and we will give you some more in the next upcoming blogs.

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Hope this year will bring more happiness and more fun to your life.

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