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Christmas is a magical time. It brings smile on everybody’s face. It is the time when everybody enjoys the parties and celebrations. This is the joyous time of the year. Even though I am a grown up lady now but by heart I will always remain a kiddo. I won’t ever let the kid in me die. Whenever you think of a party, you feel like dancing. It gives you a real fun when you add music to your party. It really sets the mood. When you play Booper’s songs for a kid’s party, kids love to dance on the beats. Kids Bops are great fun songs that are sung by kids and make children enjoy the party.

Now let me explain what I have planned for a Christmas party in the evening. I have two kids and they have many friends. My kids and I love to invite guest and celebrate things in our backyard. We were planning for this party since the start of the December. What all we have decided includes three dishes prepared by me, a Christmas cake and orange juice to drink. One of my kids will wear the outfit of Santa and will distribute gifts among the guest children. That is not all; we have organized a fashion show for the kids where they have to flaunt their winter collection. Woopie I am so excited for the party. I think I am more excited than my kids.

Now let me explain you the things clearly, I am preparing three dishes and the first dish is Pita Bread Pizza. This is a really interesting recipe to cook. Here you can show your real creativity. I enjoy topping the pizza and provide my kids with something new and unique every time. It serves as a great stuffing for kids. The next thing that comes is Jelly Pita Bread Sandwiches including peanut butter. This is a new twist with jelly and peanut butter. Kids are allowed to choose their favourite jelly and can design their own sandwich. This is the tastiest dish for any kind of a party. The third one is something sweet i.e. Hab el hab which is known as Cardamom Cookies in general. Which child does not like cookies? These are very easy to make and kids love them. I am preparing cookies in different shapes so that t would look more attractive and tempting to the kiddo gang.

We are also preparing the cake at home. We have decided to prepare a Santa cake i.e. the cake in the shape of Santa. This would look really exciting and good according to the occasion. My kids are helping me in making these party preparations. I am so loving it.

Everything is set; the music, songs, decorations, food and drinks. Now let’s pray for a wonderful party. I am sure that we are going to rock it.  

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a wonderful year ahead! Enjoy and Party hard.


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